Mothership Virginia


A Dance Film for Internet:

Left Side Labs has flipped the twisted coin in a retelling of Martha & George Washington.  This full-length queer film takes the form of contemporary dance made for online consumption. Inspired by personal experiences as a gay male and based on reflections of gender in American culture, this is a tragedy about lust and the expression of desire through a new, historical lens.

Mothership Virginia, conceived by artistic director Mathew Heggem in collaboration with choreographer Emma Batman, includes a cast of 20 characters expressing an alternative view on the expression of sexuality for two historically significant political figures.

Our lead character, Mamma Martha, is an expression of feminism and sexual empowerment. She represents a re-imagining of a woman who sets the tone for a new America. And then there’s George, the boy, lost in lust and chasing unfulfilled desires. The cast also includes secondary characters, The Giant, a Dirty White Boy, and the Witness. Each of these characters represents elements of the story that comment on desire, sex, and human relationships. 



In a video interview, Mathew and Emma give a summary of the plans for their upcoming project: Mothership Virginia.



Check out the Work In Progress showing at Arts On Site on October 21, 2017. 

Check out Mathew's blog articles posted on the Medium that captures the inspiration and thought process of the upcoming project! 

"I was first influenced to start this project when thinking about my mother and how important she is to me, especially as I come to more deeply understand the importance of family. I am also working harder to understand my work in the world — that of being a dance maker."

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