Be Here Now: The Power of Vision Boarding & Action / by Mathew Heggem

One of my biggest challenges, especially as I work in both the business world as an entrepreneur and in the creative world as a choreographer, is finding a way to embrace the holistic vision of who I am and what I do.  Sometimes, it makes sense.  Other times, I'm utterly confused.  

What I love about this life, though, is that I live on that edge where chaos and order meet.  This is the edge where creativity happens, innovation occurs, and beauty manifests.  This is where I thrive.  And, in a world where there is so much chaos and so much opportunity, the biggest challenge I have is staying constantly present with what I am doing - to do, as I say often,  'Be Here Now.'

The answer to presence, though, has always been to keep my eye on the bigger picture. And, a Vision Board gives me the power to do that very thing -- to be here now and fully engaged with my whole self, my dreams, my aspirations, my vision, my values, for a better world.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to do some Vision Boarding with friends (led by coach, Carol Dacey Charles of Why Not Thrive).  It was a transformative start to 2016.  So, I've written this blog article to help you understand this technique and a few other tips on taking a Vision Board into action.

Mine is above. Yes, that's Mark Zuckerberg leaping into Berlin... If you're curious what any of it means, just shoot me off an email.

What's important to understand is that my Vision Board is a tool that allows me to imagine who I am and who I want to be. It is an expression of my desires, the things that are important, the vision I have for my immediate future and gives me the non-verbal reminder I need to play the bigger game in life.

All it takes to create your own is a few hours with some scissors, magazines and a glass of red wine to create something as powerful as this!

The real magic, though, comes in putting your Vision Board in action.  So, here are a few things that I've done to help me stay focused on the bigger picture:

  • I made my vision board my desktop background. This way, I'm tasked at staring at it EVERYDAY!  The power of the brain is as such that this image is engrained in my subconscious and will have an affect on my every decision.  That's potent!
  • I created the vision board with friends and loved ones around.  Of course, the environment you are in has an important influence on you.  But most importantly, I was surrounded by people that support me and care about who I am.  This gave me the space to express my truest self.
  • I talked about my vision board with others.  Accountability is a magical thing.  And, when you put it out there in the world, people will hold you to task, and you will engage the power of attraction.
  • I've written this blog article. Even sharing this forward is a way of holding my self accountable.  I like to practice what I preach... and that works in reverse, sometimes... The time I spent crafting this article requires me to think about whether or not I'm holding true to my own practices.
  • I've done free-writing exercises to tease out the ideas.  Images are powerful, yes.  Words are too. Taking the time to reflect on my vision board in words, through my form of free-writing in 25 minute sprints, helped me to tease out these images into tangible concepts.
  • I hung my vision board on my wall - and walk past it everyday. Exposure therapy works. It's like learning a language: if you immerse yourself, and come at it from multiple angles,  you will eventually just pick it up. Plus, anyone that stops by to visit asks questions. When they ask, I'm presented with the opportunity to speak my truth and answer.
"All we need is confidence." -- Charlie Brown.

Vision Boarding can be a powerful technique if you don't just put it on the shelf after that initial creation.  This method can be used to help you achieve your biggest dreams.  So, find a way to make your vision a constant part of your every day and go boldly forward with confidence.