The Choreographer's Duty by Mathew Heggem

A statement on movement creation & the responsibility of being a choreographer:

This article was intended to be a statement about my movement philosophy, so that I could help others understand how I create and what I teach through dance.  It took a turn, because I realized that a greater purpose exists for a choreographer.  I wanted to share this with you:

When I create movement, I start from a place of curiosity. I want to know what is happening now in this body and how that can be translated to the outside world. I ask myself questions about what I see in the world, how I feel about it, and how that affects my life. 

This approach, at least initially, makes my work very autobiographical.  It is an expression of a personal story, experience, or emotion that is present in the body of who I fully am at that time in space.  

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