This duet is clear in its vocabulary and concise in its execution, but certainly (like life) open for interpretation; One Steps Two Flood is a glimpse into relationships, local to global, unclear and undefined yet rich in content, in meaning, between the individual and society, as the we collide.

And as we move around each other, sharing space and resources, we wonder what happened that got us here and where are we going -- the question of one's journey as we intersect with the many people in our lives.  

Collective experiences, the macro-emotional landscape and a longing to understand shapes this experience as we explore the craving for relationships alongside the shaping of one’s self.

This work coincidently, though perhaps not, represents the beginning of a new chapter for collaborators and choreographers Emma Batman & Mathew Heggem.  

Together, they've chosen to co-found this dance company, Left Side Labs. This work represents the coming together of two artistic voices as we explore the fascinating dynamics between two people seeking to relate, to connect, to explore their own potential in a symbiotic artistic relationship that requires nurturing and curiosity as our whole dancing selves.